Wednesday, April 18, 2012

Thing Three: Head Over Heels

So this is not going to come as a surprise to...anyone who has ever met me, even once, but I am not at ALL athletically gifted. I'm an okay dancer, but beyond that it gets really ugly. I have tripped on particularly thick patches of air.

So I'm sure nobody is surprised to hear that when, as a fifth grader, our gym class did a gymnastics unit, I was just egregiously terrible at it. Could I do a cartwheel? No, I could not. Could I walk across a balance beam? Clearly not. I could, just about, do a somersault, but even that was crooked and horrible.  

But the worst - the very worst - was the headstand. And the reason it was the worst was because I was very nearly there. Seriously, I got up, I held it for a tenth of a second...and then I came crashing down. And my feet, in their adorable little Keds, slipped right into the gap between the mats, slamming my poor toes into the linoleum-over-concrete floor. I broke two toes, and was out of gym for the next several weeks.

But you guys, I really want to do a headstand. If nothing else, it will make feel like a yoga badass.

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  1. I can do headstands. I started by practicing near/next to a wall to prevent overdoing the kip up. Tami is very good with head stands. Even could do hand stands - I'll give her shoulder another year before asking her to try one again. YOU CAN DO HEAD STANDS - IT'S THE ARM POWER!