Friday, May 4, 2012

Thing Sixteen: Sock It To Me

So, last Thing, I was saying that I don't like actually wearing things that I knit. That's true. But I do have someone who DOES like to wear some of those things.

A few years ago (my knitting portfolio informs me it was three years ago, and yes, I have a knitting portfolio), I made some knee-high socks for one of my very closest friends. She loved them, she wore them, it was great.

Then she moved to Switzerland.

I don't know if y'all know this, but the washing machines in Switzerland are not like the washing machines here in the US. And, even though I made the socks out of superwash wool (that means they shouldn't felt or shrink in a washing machine), and even though she was really careful and never put them in the dryer anyway, one day they got tangled in some sheets and went in the dryer, and now they're too small for her five-year-old nephew, and there was crying.

And I said I'd make her some new ones, and I just never have. I was too involved with the thesis, and then, as I've said, my knitting mojo left me abruptly.

But I've got a new idea for some socks now, and there's some yarn that has sparkles in it, and also she lives in a place that has a slightly less alarming washing machine. I think the new socks' time may have come.

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