Friday, May 4, 2012

Thing Seventeen: Celebrity Skin

I don't wear makeup. I mean, I can, of course, I do know how to get it together and put on some eyeshadow and lipstick if I'm going somewhere special, but on a typical day? No.

I do wash my face in the mornings, and I have worn sunscreen every single day, winter and summer, rain and shine, since I was fourteen, but other than that, I have the lowest-impact beauty routine that has ever existed in the world. Because there is no routine.

Part of it is because I really just enjoy sleeping. I mean, if my options are to put on some lipstick or sleep an extra minute and a half, I am totally going to sleep the extra minute and a half.

And part of it is because I am lucky, and I have high-contrast features (dark eyebrows and hair, naturally quite pink lips and cheeks), so I don't look washed out or sick.

But my skin has been freaking out, and I think I look slightly more professional with a little bit of makeup on, so maybe it's time to get at least a very basic routine down? Little bit of shadow, little bit of lipgloss? I can figure out something that doesn't take more than a few minutes, but makes me look normal, right?

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  1. I totes agree. In fact, I often choose 3 minutes of sleep over looking at my hair in the mirror, never mind trying to figure out what to do with it. I'll join you on this one!