Friday, May 4, 2012

Thing Fifteen: A Stitch in Time

Oh my god, that last one was so boring that even I lost interest.

This next one is going to sound ridiculous, because it's something that I did all the time, so how can it be something that I "meant" to do, but...

I haven't knit in nearly a year.

I just...lost interest, after my thesis. I spent so much time on that tapestry (worth it! totally worth it!), and then I made a garter for a friend who was getting married, and then I did no knitting at all.

It's not that I don't like it - I do. I think I was just...burned out? And I didn't have anything I particularly wanted to make? It's difficult, because what I like to make are complex, lacy shawls, and they just do not fit into my wardrobe at all, so I make them, and I devote all this time (and money! the yarn usually costs $20-$30!) to them, and then...nothing. They sit. Which feels like a waste.

So now I can't decide what to do. Do I make things that I will wear (like, um...), or do I make things that I like to knit which then sit around? Or do I totally change my style so that girly, lacy shawls work (this one feels unlikely)?

So I guess this one isn't so much "Knit again" as it is "Find a way to integrate the results of the knitting into my actual life, so that I am at least getting something out of it."

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  1. Two words: Baby gifts. It's basically all I knit, baby gifts and socks - totally worth it for so many reasons. How about a complicated, lacy baby blanket??