Saturday, May 5, 2012

Thing Twenty: Nothing to Wear

I bought this awesome fabric in October. It's got these enormous Dia de los Muertos sugar skulls printed on it, each one the size of a dinner plate. And I told myself I was going to make myself a dress out of it, and I washed and dried and ironed it (because you have to do that before you make clothes, or they hang funny once they're made), and then I folded it up and it sat there. And Dia de los Muertos passed, and it sat there some more. And then I told myself that I'd make it into a dress for Cinco de Mayo, because, while obviously it's not the same thing at all, it was sort of close?

But today is Cinco de Mayo, and I am not wearing an awesome sugar-skulls dress, I am wearing a tee shirt and a skirt, because even though I had six months to do something about it, I did not.

This is not a new phenomenon for me. I have fabric I bought for skirts two years ago that I never made. I have a skirt that I did make, which is awesome and which I have not worn, because I never hemmed it.

My unfinished objects are out of control. And it's time to stop it. I am officially not allowed to buy any more fabric (including for my Halloween and/or Comic Con costumes) until I've dealt with the clothes I've already got the supplies for. I mean, I have Liberty fabric in my stash! Liberty! I could have been wearing a Liberty-print dress for the last year, and I have not because I haven't been arsed to make it! So unacceptable!

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