Friday, May 4, 2012

Thing Eighteen: The Etsy Betsy Spider...

So since I'm apparently committing to doing all this making of things, I feel like it's probably also a good time to really figure out what the heck I'm doing with my Etsy store.

I have one, of course. I've actually had two, over the last several years, but I never really committed to them, and it was too hard during my thesis, and it was a whole thing. But when I was doing them, I sold a BUNCH of stuff (most often, silk-screened Hogwarts House undies), at a really awesome profit, so it's probably something I should get back to? I mean, I could use the money, and it's way easier to bang out a pair of knickers at $15 a pair than to work for an hour for the same $15 (yes, there are costs to the knickers, but there are also taxes, so the net works out about the same), and it's something artsy-craftsy to be doing, and that's really what I want more, right?

I'm not saying I think I'm going to be paying my rent with fangirl lingerie, but I feel like I could maybe pay for the wine I drink with it.

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